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Food trucks have gotten a lot of buzz of late with food truck gatherings  set up in larger cities like Austin, TX; San Francisco, CA; and Atlanta, GA .

The Lunch Box is Maryland's premier mobile corporate catering and meal solutions provider.   With our customized programs and mobile food trucks, we focus on serving medium to large companies where you and your staff will enjoy a variety of unique dishes and menu items along with daily favorites at specified times. 

Customized programs can include Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner and available for all shifts. 


  • ALL Major Credit Cards Accepts
  • Customized and Dedicated On-line Ordering for your corporate location
  • Rewards and Loyalty Program
  • Quick & Convenient Alternative for Staff Meal Plans
  • Increase Employee Satisfaction

We hope to offer an alternative to how companies and employees view meals while at work. We are confident in providing a convenient solution that benefits both the organization we serve as well as the employees and people working for them.
— Alex Garcia, Owner